national museum of afghanistan


concurso por invitación

arquitectos:  alberto moletto _ alvaro ramirez

ubicación: kabul _ afganistan

superficie: 10.800 m2


The National Museum of Afghanistan is interlaced spatially and culturally through the intricate design of the new building, its galleries and public spaces. The Architectural Design of the NMA has been inspired by the historical cultural influences of the Afghans people that is reproduced by the contrast between the gallery spaces and the landscape of Afghanistan, combining the sensibilities of the local art tradition, the strong culture and the specific needs of a contemporary museum.
The contrast between the gallery spaces and the Non Collection Zone generates a intermediate space that acts as a orientation space as well as a buffer zone.
The Design of the NMA is expressed as a spectacular space prepared to be filled with exceptional adaptive spatial capabilities for the visitors both from inside and outside, waited to be active and altered by artist, curators, students and visitors




S-01 Sección Construcción _ Aut